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Savings Accounts

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Regular Savings Account

Regular savings accounts are a good place to store money for a rainy day or build up to a major purchase! You may make as many deposits or withdrawals as you would like, with our savings accounts.

Money Market Account

Earn our most competitive interest rate offered on deposit accounts with a Money Market account. Money Market accounts are structured on three tiered levels. There are no limits on transactions, but requires a balance of $1,000 at all times to avoid a fee. Debit cards are available on Money Market accounts. If you typically keep a higher balance in your checking account, then a Money Market may be just for you!

Health Savings Account

The State Bank of Cherry offers Health Savings Accounts that can accept funds directly from your employer. Once you know you qualify for a Health Savings Account, give us a call and one of our customer service specialists will get you set up.

Christmas Club Account

Save money for the holidays and earn a little interest at the same time with a Christmas Club account! You can deposit manually whenever you want, or automatically every week, month, etc. and never have to worry about having enough when the holidays roll around.

Christmas clubs pay out during the first two weeks of October, and then a check will be issued or your balance will automatically be deposited to your checking account or savings account. It’s a great way to save for the most wonderful time of the year, on your own terms.

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